Solar PV

Westwood Energy specialise in the design and delivery of Solar PV projects to the commercial sector. Our solutions offer both low carbon results and security over energy prices.

The UK is embarking on an energy revolution, decarbonising by 2050. To meet these net zero targets the UK will need to install a further 120GW of renewable generation. Current renewable capacity sits around 47GW and of this 47GW, 29% is Solar PV, second only to Onshore Wind.

A 1MW PV installation will offset around 450 tonnes of CO² each year, the equivalent benefit to that produced by 5,000 30y/o trees.

Installing Solar PV not only reduces your carbon emissions, but also future proofs against energy price fluctuations and rises. Investing in PV effectively allows you to fix a proportion of your energy costs for the next 25+ years.
Westwood Energy offer services from surveying and designing, right through to installation and commissioning on systems of any size. Once systems are operational and generating we offer monitoring and maintenance contracts to ensure each system continues to generate at its maximum potential.