Biomass RHI Support

In the current uncertain economic climate, we must ensure that we continue to receive a return on our assets. For participants of the RHI scheme, one of the big unknowns is, when will I be audited and will I comply with the auditors’ requirements? Failure to comply often results in frozen payments for a period in excess of six months whilst issues are resolved.
Many members of the RHI scheme simply submit their meter readings each quarter and are unaware of their ongoing obligations to comply with the Ofgem guidance. These obligations have been expanded over time and may not be the same as they were when you were accredited to the scheme.

Over recent years, Ofgem has been increasing the number of audits carried out and current thoughts are that each installation will be audited twice over the twenty years in the scheme. In most cases, you will be notified of an audit but some will be unannounced.
The auditor will initially focus on paperwork and record keeping and this is where most non- compliances are found. Non-compliance can lead to suspension from the scheme and long delays to ongoing payments whilst it is resolved.

We can visit you to review both your record keeping and installation to identify areas that would cause you an issue in the likely event of an audit. This will include:
- Documentation related to the installation
- Fuel record keeping
- Meter compliance and record keeping
- Maintenance records
- Accuracy of initial application for the installation
- System changes since initial installation and application
- Opportunities for improvement

Whilst this would be an informal discussion, it would be a full review of both documentation and the physical system. The ultimate purpose of the visit is to ensure that you are compliant in the event of an audit.