Solar PV Monitoring

  • Access to monitoring software and PV performance 24/7.
  • Half hourly generation meter recording.
  • Online access to PV performance 365 days a year.
  • Monthly analysis and a report of system production emailed to you.
  • Actual generation figures compared to predicted figures which are provided by local irradiance levels.
  • Flags up faults on the network, such as high and low voltage.
  • A cost-effective solution to monitoring for smaller scale generators.
  • Prices start from £255.00/annum.
Service Four..

The monitoring of small/medium PV installations is often made unviable due to high costs associated with live monitoring. The Westwood Buying Group can now offer live PV monitoring solutions for installations ranging in size from 1kW to 1MW+.

Half hourly data recording allows the user access to live production data and clearly highlights any faults in generating equipment. This facility, coupled with monthly reports emailed directly to you, allows the user peace of mind that the PV installation is being monitored and is maintaining a high level of performance.

The monthly report will detail actual monthly generation figures and compare them against predicted (Ekkosoft predicted generation figures are produced using local weather station irradiance figures), previous (last year’s monthly generation figure) and average (average production for system of that size, layout and location). This will allow the owner to compare against various forms of data and give a clear picture of the current production of the system.