Solar Photovoltaics

Currently there are three key financial benefits to installing solar PV, not to mention the environmental benefits of generating your own on-site power.
• Savings on imported electricity. Whatever your demand you have will be met by the generated electricity rather than importing from the grid, meaning free electricity.
• Export payments for surplus generation. Whenever you generate more than you require, the surplus will be exported to the local grid and you will be paid for this.
• Feed In Tariffs. There are currently Feed In Tariffs (FITs) available for generators of renewable energy. This is paid on every kWh generated by the system.

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Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) is a well established technology that saw its first grid connected system commissioned in the UK in 1994. In brief terms, the technology allows particles of light (photons) to collide with atoms which releases electrons and in turn generates electricity. The DC generation produced is then converted to “usable” AC power, which is then consumable in domestic and commercial appliances.

Solar PV installations make sense for businesses looking to reduce their import requirements and future proof their businesses from the risk of rising energy prices. The higher the import requirement of a site, the more viable a Solar PV installation will be.

Solar PV can be a fantastic way for a business to reduce their carbon footprint and become “greener”. For example, a 250kWp installation will off-set circa 110t of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 1,250 30y/o trees, or the same as removing 50 cars from the road each year.

The Westwood Group has been involved in the installation of solar PV systems since early 2011. The business was involved in one of the UK’s first 50kWp systems and continues to excel in the small to medium scale commercial systems between 30-250kWp. The Westwood Group has experience of over 6,000kWp of installations across the UK and continues to develop and diversify its portfolio of installations.

We have experience of installing solar PV on all business premises from agricultural pig, poultry, dairy and arable farms, to commercial operations such as distribution depots and manufacturing facilities. Standard roof and ground mount installations are the core of our operations, but solutions to alternative and bespoke solutions such as carport installs are available.

We offer services from surveying and designing, right through to installation and commissioning. Once systems are operation and generating we offer monitoring and maintenance contracts to ensure each system continues to generate at its maximum potential.