Operations & Maintenance for Solar PV Systems

  • Maintenance and testing undertaken on inverters, strings, modules, and AC/DC supplies.
  • System health checks available on occasional or annual basis.
  • Half day maintenance and checks start at £200.00.
  • Full day maintenance and checks start at £400.00.
  • Replacement of faulty parts, such as inverters, isolators, and fuses.
  • Fault finding and reporting available for in depth understanding of inverter, string and module efficiency.
Service Three..

Annual maintenance of PV systems is often overlooked and can result in large scale losses from reductions in generation. Ensuring your system is fully operation all year round will ensure your system maximises its generation potential and realises the returns on investment you were originally predicted.

With an annual health check, WBG will test and check the following:
• Visual inspection of all modules.
• Test all DC strings and cabling.
• Check DC isolators.
• Test all inverters.
• Check fuses and AC supplies.
• Check G59 relays where applicable.

A health check report will be produced, post completion of tests, and will outline any faults on the system.