Import Contracts & PPAs

  • Higher export rates negotiated with suppliers through group portfolio benefits.
  • The bigger the group the higher the benefit for smaller scale producers.
  • Lower import rates available through power of group buying.
  • All paperwork handled on your behalf.
Service One..

After signing an LOA and providing brief site and system details, WBG will be able to undertake all paperwork requirements required to procure an import supply agreement or a power purchase agreement. The ethos of the group is to position itself as a sizeable portfolio of consumers and generators, enabling it to control price increase and demand higher export rates for renewable generators.

The group can welcome any LV renewable generator to its PPA agreement and will handle all paperwork requirements. The group ensures that the highest rate for exported energy is available to members at that current time without the requirement to haggle for a higher rate. Generators who are connected to the HV network are unfortunately unviable for the scheme.

This allows 50KW generators to have the same buying power as a 1MW generator, thus increasing the profitability of the generation equipment.