Grid Consultancy Services

  • Consultancy services for clients desiring a new supply, both low and high voltage, from the local distribution network.
  • Upgrade in supply agreements negotiated with your local DNO.
  • Services for clients looking at new generation connections and the viability of new generation projects.
Service Two..

A slowly ageing network and a vast change in dynamics of the local distribution network has seen a sizeable shift in the way DNOs agree and allow new connections on to the network. The landscape in which capacity is awarded to consumers and generators is now complex and requires accurate guidance.

With capacity reducing on the network and DNOs becoming stricter on new applicants, there has never been a more difficult time to secure a grid connection. Compliance to export restrictions and active network management schemes are now becoming common for desired large-scale connections.

The Westwood Buying Group offer services for clients looking to negate all of the above issues and expand their existing operations, develop new sites and install new generation equipment.