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The Westwood Buying Group offers energy services to the commercial sector, with a key focus on rural based clients.

The business draws its knowledge from extensive experience in the running of rural and energy sector businesses. With knowledge of what it takes to start, develop and build a successful business in the rural community, The Westwood Buying Group are well positioned to offer a multitude of consultancy services.

The Westwood Buying Group soon expanded its offering to clients in search of lower import rates for their businesses. With the power of an ever-expanding group behind it, WBG are now in a position to offer competitive and hassle-free energy rates to any new applicant.

After the success of energy contract offerings, WBG have expanded further by supplying renewable energy consultancy to existing solar PV, wind turbine and biomass generators. The group, having over seven years of experience, predominantly in medium scale solar PV applications, are now providing maintenance and monitoring packages to existing and proposed solar PV installations around the UK.

Having dealt with DNOs around the country for several years, WBG are also well positioned to provide grid connection consultancy services to commercial operations looking to expand and develop their activities. This applies to new import connections, increased capacity connections and generation connections.

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If you want to talk and see how I can help you, or just have some questions, please feel free to give us a call or drop me a line.

E: info@thewestwoodgroup.co.uk

P: 07796 717 976

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